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REPORTER: Fetterman Has Trouble Understanding Words, ‘Closed Captioning’ Required For Dialogue

Who is Impersonating John Fetterman and Signing His Name on Letters?

While suffering from Clinical depression, we are to believe that Fetterman is capable of working on Senate business.

This past week John Fetterman has been in the hospital being treated chemically for clinical depression. Yet, his staff is trying to prove Fetterman is still capable of functioning.

If they can delay his exit from Congress until late in the year, they will not have to have a special election for his seat. I expect them to have no limits on the subterfuge necessary to accomplish that. If he dies they will make a cyborg out of him. Anything to hold that seat.

The letter was in the company whose train had derailed a couple of weeks ago. They want to make sure that the residents of Darlington County have equal access to financial and other offers afforded to residents of East Palestine. Why do they need it? Isn’t the Democrats assuring us that everything is fine and there are no safety concerns? I have a question. Is the real reason Biden is refusing to go to East Palestine is due to safety concerns> All he has to do is bring his own water and not breath.

From The Blaze

It is not what the letter said that has raised eyebrows, but Fetterman’s ability to write it.

TheBlaze recently reported that the senator — who suffered a debilitating stroke during his campaign — checked into Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Feb. 16 to obtain treatment for “severe” depression. He was prompted, in part, by an experience of disorientation in the aftermath of President Joe Biden’s Feb. 7 State of the Union address.

One of the senator’s aides told the Wall Street Journal that there was both a medication and therapeutic aspect to Fetterman’s treatment in hospital.

Fetterman’s office noted Monday that his recovery is underway, though it will be a “weeks-long process,” adding that he was continuing to keep up with “Senate business and news.”

Following WTAE’s initial report about this week’s letter to Shaw, Stephen L. Miller, contributing editor at the Spectator World, tweeted, “Is there a single journalist within the border of the continental United States going to ask the question of how John Fetterman co-authored a letter in the united states Senate while under direct medical observation at Walter Reed for self admitted fear of harm and depression?”

Miller added:

 “So he just did this? He co-authored this letter. While under observation for suicide and depression at Walter Reed and 10 days after several days of hospitalization?”

Remember the reason that they gave for his being locked up for depression? They said that he was unable to take care of himself and obviously, his wife doesn’t care. So, how could he possibly `be taking care of his Senate duties when as they say his dizziness comes from the fact that he is not eating or drinking enough? And if someone is acting in his stead would that not be fraud and punishable by a long prison sentence?

Here are some comments made about this story:

New York University medical professor Dr. Marc Siegel told Fox News that it is:

 “Very unusual that somebody that’s being admitted for severe depression would be performing their job.”

“If you broke your ankle, you know, nobody would think twice. Okay, he’s got surgery on his ankle and he’s recovering, but he’s performing from the bed. But mental illness, by definition, is an impairment of mood and judgment. So it would be highly, highly unlikely that somebody could do that unless they’re just keeping them there to kind of keep them out of the way of the stress of daily living, but they feel that he’s up to the job.”

TPUSA reporter Savanah Hernandez tweeted:

 “Nobody has heard from or seen John Fetterman for over two weeks and now he’s apparently ‘co-sponsoring’ Senate bills. Can somebody explain this to me???”

One user asked:

 “Um, Fetterman is still in the hospital receiving treatment for depression. How is he legally allowed to submit anything?”

Pro-police advocate Zeek Arkham tweeted:

“If John Fetterman is able to somehow actively vote in the Senate and co-sponsor legislation while undergoing mental health care, shouldn’t he also be able to give us all a live update on his condition? The math ain’t math’n on this one.”

I’m wondering how Fetterman could have possibly signed the letter. I’m pretty sure that people who are being treated for clinical depression are not allowed to have sharp objects, belts, or shoelaces.


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