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Will Trump Attend the First Debate? Not if He is Smart

This is why trump should not join the debate.

There are several reasons for President Trump not to attend the first Republican debate and absolutely no reason why he should. The first reason is the loyalty pledge.

President Trump has an excellent reason for refusing to do so. In 2016 John Kasich and Jeb Bush both signed the pledge, but neither one supported Trump for president. Did Ronna McDaniel punish them for breaking their pledge? Of course, not.

So, what good is the pledge? You know it would be used against my President, especially since that office has been vacant since January 20th, 2021.

Secondly, Bret Baier is one of the debate moderators. Baier is a virulent Trump hater, so why would Trump subject himself to that? He has gone through that in the past and he knows better than that.

President Trump is 40 points ahead of his closest rival. By not attending the debate, the audience could be anemic. That is especially true if he attends an event hosted by Tucker Carlson on the same date and time.

Let’s face it, The RNC needs Trump, but Trump does not need the RNC. He would just be boosting the same RINOs that he is diametrically opposed to.

The candidates that do attend will all bash President Trump, but it will lack any impact if Trump is not on the stage, and again, without Trump in attendance, who will know?

Jennifer Horn, former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee and co-founder of the anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project said:

“These are individuals who still believe that the strength comes from the party, organization comes from the party, victory comes from the party.”

“The RNC needs Trump a lot more than Trump needs the RNC. Whether they want him to be the head of the party or not, the party is following him, not the RNC.”

“If they lose Trump, then they lose the support of the Trump voters and their base for their Senate candidates, their House candidates, their state candidates.”

From The Hill

Horn said that if Trump decides to debate without signing the pledge, the other candidates should be given the same treatment. 

“If they’re going to let Trump on the stage and not insist that he take the pledge and sign the paper, then no one else on that stage should have to do it either,” she said. 

In an interview Sunday on ABC News’s “This Week,” Christie said he believes the RNC would keep Trump off the debate stage if he did not sign the pledge. 

“I think that they are serious about wanting this pledge signed and I do think they would keep Donald Trump off the stage if he chose not to sign the pledge,” Christie said.

But like Trump, Christie has also been an outspoken critic of the loyalty pledge, calling it “a bad idea.” Christie said Sunday that he has not yet signed the pledge because he has not yet been presented with it. The former governor suggested it was due to the RNC going through the process of verifying donors. 

Other Republicans say they do not see a scenario in which Trump’s hand is somehow forced to sign the document. 

“If he decides he wants to do [the debate], it’s hard to see how he wouldn’t be allowed to, pledge or no,” said Doug Heye, a Republican strategist and former RNC communications director. 



  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 11

  1. CharlieSeattle says:

    Why, when after the others speak, Trump will have won!

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  2. Stephen Russell says:

    Do a Tucker interview during debates

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  4. snert says:

    he’s not doing the debate, because of rino fox and anti trump brett bared!!!

  5. jerry1944 says:

    Cant see why he would They all would treat him as a punching bag and we would not learn how bad some of THEM would be I am voting for Pres Trump anyways aaltough there are many running i would not care to vote for and some are climbing in the polls ARE where

    • Lawrence M says:

      The system is so horribly corrupt that debates are just smoke and mirrors for effect only, so why bother it’s all a waste of time and an ugly joke on the people; because the corrupt system knows how well they can play the lazy and stupid public of sheeple that have been brainwashed for so long!
      What its coming down to is we don’t count just like our votes and the powerful factions that are out there running the show are going to beat each other up till the fat lady sings or the cows come home and the stronger prevails! We are on the sidelines and don’t count as far as these power mongers are concerned, and unless the whole system is given a massive shakedown it’s not going to end well for the people!

    • Lawrence M says:

      You’re right and it’s a totally rigged biased corrupted to the hilt system we live in, because all the powerful entities are owned by evil! Serving the beast system! Already plans are afoot for Pandemic 2.0!
      Many people are fooled to think Elon Musk is a great guy and for Freedom; but I’ve known all along he is a phony and sinister despot like the others seeking power and his their glory; he even likes the idea of trans-humans with chips in their heads technology which he is working on!
      James Woods the actor is just finding this out about Elon, but soon everyone will wake up; hopefully before it’s too late.

  6. Margie Nicely says:

    Me too , President Trump all the way!

  7. bob says:

    Trump should NOT do liberal Foxs debate . I’m sure liberal jism swallowing , asswipe , degenerate Brett Baier would have had GOTCHA questions lined up just for President Trump !!! Besides , let the other White House wannabees talk about how they want to use Trumps policies , which will make our country great again . I’m sure liberal knee pad wearing , democrat donor money accepting , dickhead RINO Chris Christie will do nothing but bash President Trump . NEWSMAX should do the next Republican debate .

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