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Woke, Australian Women’s Basketball Team Gets Dunked Out of Existence… Probably

Woke, Australian Women’s Basketball Team Gets Dunked Out of Existence… Probably

Australian women's b-ball team goes woke and is now going broke.
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Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart has withdrawn a $15m sponsorship for Netball Australia after its players criticized her for something her father said back in 1984.

He is dead now and should not be a factor. The team was in dire straits when Hancock Prospecting Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart, the country’s richest woman came to their rescue with $15 million dollars in sponsorship money, expected to run until 2025. The team also criticized the fact that she has refused to acknowledge climate change.

The players will be able to ponder what went wrong as they stand on the unemployment line. The team will fold unless they can find a new sponsor, but that seems unlikely after they went after Rinehart, tooth, and nail.

They do not have television rights that amount to much and attendance is not as robust as it needs to be. The sponsorship agreement contains a clause that the team would wear uniforms that would carry the name of the mining company, but the players refused to wear them.

Hancock Prospecting founder Lang Hancock about Indigenous Australians back in 1984. But that was Lane Hancock, not Gina Rinehart.

The withdrawal of the sponsorship will be devastating. The team lost $4.4 million dollars in 2021 with the sponsorship. The team cannot even sue since it was their side that failed to live up to their contract and I doubt there is anything that can be done to lure Rinehart back into sponsoring the team.

Sky News Australia tonight delivered a blistering retort to the woke behavior:

How’s this for being spoiled, entitled and woke. Australia’s Netballers, the Diamonds, have refused to wear their official game day uniform because they were sponsored by mining magnate Gina Rinehart through Hancock Prospecting. To get Australian Netball out of its pathetic, self-imposed financial whole, Gina Rinehart came to the rescue. To the tune of $15m dollars until the end of 2025.

Now that’s one hell of a sponsorship for a sport that struggles to obtain lucrative broadcast money and can’t stand on its own feet. They’ve proven that. And yet these girls have snubbed their nose at this savior because of two ridiculous reasons.

They don’t like the fact, they say, that the nation’s richest woman won’t formally acknowledge climate change. Yes, you heard right.  The girls have had a meeting.

And apparently the former captain Sharni Layton, who seems to be playing a little bit like a shop’s role here, Lang Hancock’s past and what he said in regards to Indigenous people is just not suitable for Australian sport  Lang Hancock…Lang Hancock is not alive.

Netball Australia has always tried to be inclusive, she said, we now have Donnell on the team.  This is not a respectful way to act, Donnell being an Indigenous Australian.

Let me tell you what I know of what Gina Rinehart believes in. Firstly, like me, she believes that our school kids are being fed propaganda about what Australia needs to do about carbon emissions. And that is entirely right.  You can not save the planet by even stopping all CO2 in this country. That’s the science.  That’s the hard reality. The climate change fear-mongers don’t want to hear that.

What will the players do now that they will have to work for a living? I’m willing to bet that they whine and moan about Rinehart cutting their funding. It’s amazing to me how willingly the woke are to slit their own throat, although I believe the players thought she would bend over and kiss their backsides. The left is very arrogant that way. But, that’s okay, I needed the laugh.


  • Steven Ahle

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Comments 15

  1. Jim Blackwell says:


  2. Daniel says:

    Yeah thanks, I needed the laugh as well.

  3. Evangeline says:

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you you dumb twits!!

    • Timothy says:

      as the Bible says, “neither were they grateful”

      • Daniel says:

        Never do anything for anybody. At first they will hate you because they couldn’t do it for themselves. Than they’ll hate you because they’ll expect and demand it. Then they’ll hate you for it when you take it away. It’s a pit that “do gooders” dig for themselves. The Bible says you will work or you won’t eat. Never go around the Bible.

  4. Ron says:

    You reap what you sew. Glad to see a CEO who refuses to cave to these spoiled brats who think they can dictate rules. Well played Gina congrats to you for standing up not only for your beliefs but also to these eco loonies who believe everything told to them instead of doing their own research!!!

  5. Paul says:

    I love it and hope it keeps on happening to all of the Woke Crowd.

    • Mike "The Iceman" Bonner says:

      When will the Woke “Wake Up”? Never as they are brain dead.

  6. Lynne says:

    Karma, got to love it.

  7. Drosack says:


  8. dennodogg says:

    Proving once again just how incredibly dumb spoiled little shltheads can be.

  9. linda says:

    AMEN AMEN Gina Rinehart good for you you show them how / what goes not them maybe they can all go get waitress jobs hahahahahahahahaha GO WOKE GO BROKE

  10. Daniel says:

    It’s amazing to me how willingly the woke are to slit their own throat,” Well, most of them took the Vax, didn’t they? They’re obviously willing to commit suicide for the cause. Oh and in Europe? They won’t pay out your life insurance if you took the vax. They call it suicide.

  11. JohnGaltTexas says:

    Karma SCORES AGAIN!!

  12. Rand says:

    Ever wonder what would happen IF all of the CO2 was eliminated???? Well, you have to eliminate EVERY man, woman , child , baby , mammal , equines , bovines deer , monkey , etc on earth . Then WITHOUT CO2 , all plant life dies. Why you may ask??? CO2 is converted by PLANTS and chlorophyl into food for the plants and EMIT OXYGEN . Too muck TOKE makes one WOKE and Broke and stupid. Daddy always said , you can’t fix stupid .

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